If you want to contact a locksmith because you’re locked out of your car or house, there are some details you must give to the service providers as you request assistance from them as soon as the locksmith reaches your location. A few of these details will differ according to what situation you are in. However, you must, at least, be ready to ponder about what to answer to such inquiries. Below is a summary of what details your locksmith will ask you and what qualities should you look for in a locksmith? 

Lock type 

Upon calling a locksmith, make sure to mention the lock type that you want to be opened. Lock types could be padlocks, deadbolts, car locks, and smart locks. Remember that not all locksmith offer service to all kinds of locks. By making sure that the locksmith you’ve contacted can offer your required service, you can actually save energy and time. 

Proof of ownership 

Take note that a locksmith can only access and open property locks that you own. You need to know how locksmith inspects ownership. For starters, you just have to prepare the right documents you have that you think you’ll need. A bill or identification card with an address that matches another photo ID could be sufficient proof to aware of a locksmith that you really own the property. This way, it will be safe to gain access to a residential home. Other locksmiths will get your property tax record just to verify your ownership. 

Lock’s brand 

If it’s possible, you can share with your locksmith what brand does the lock that you want to be opened. There are brands of locks that have specific tools and equipment that can be utilized to make the process a lot easier. The moment your locksmith knows about the brand of your lock in advance, they could bring with them the right tools needed to help you out efficiently. 

Alternative entry points 

You need to let your locksmith be aware of whether there are other ways to enter your place. You might never think about this, however, an alternative access point could be a lot simpler to enter compared to the one being serviced. Regardless if you can’t access your home using an alternative access point, it would still be worth informing your locksmith. You never know which details could help in getting you out and repairing your locks faster. 

Do you have a key? 

A lot of people contact a locksmith since they’ve been locked out in their homes or in their cars. But there are also instances that happened because of a stuck key. If this is the case, make sure to inform your locksmith while you are on the phone that you have a key but it does not work. This is important because they might have to bring different equipment with them based on your situation. 

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